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Trivia Night Wednesday @ 7!

Open Jam Night

August 10, 2023 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sumter Original Brewery

Musicians, please arrive with enough time to allow setup of any/all equipment you have or need to use. We have a NICE PA system with some serious power! Acoustic players, all you need is a long (30ft) 1/4″ instrument cable. Electric players if you have a pedal board, you also just need a 1/4″ cable (no amp). If you don’t have pedals, bring your amp, preferably with a 1/4″ line out (w/ cable). All other keyboards and powered instruments, all you need is a 1/4″ line out. If you have a powered monitor that you’d like to use, please bring it as well with all necessary cables. ALL MICROPHONES WILL BE PROVIDED. IF YOU HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS, PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIOR TO THURSDAY EVENING, OR BRING WHAT YOU NEED TO BE SURE. SHURE SM58 (OR EQUIVILANT+) ACROSS THE BOARD. If you’re a musician / singer who wants to get on stage, please be aware that setup is at 6:00 – please arrive in time to set up any gear, drums, amps, instruments, etc. It will help ensure that everyone gets a chance to play – Thanks!